2020 Tokyo Olympics cancellation due to coronavirus will have a global impact: Reports

A report has suggested that the International Olympic Committee and local organizers are claiming that the games are on, but the clock is ticking. The fate of the Tokyo Games touches 11,000 Olympic,  4,400 Paralympic athletes, coaches, local organizers, sports authorities, national morale, the Japanese government, international broadcasters, fans, and world sponsors. In addition to this, hotels, airlines, and taxi drivers, plus 80,000 unpaid volunteers, will also miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

J’den Cox, who is a two-time world champion wrestler and an Olympic bronze medalist in Rio de Janeiro said in a statement that “I’ve heard things about possibly the Olympics being canceled, and I think that would stink”. He also added that feelings of many would get hurt if the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will get canceled.

A recent report even confirmed that if the games are canceled, the Olympic brand would be harmed, even though, the Switzerland-based International Olympic Committee is one of the least financially affected parties. The IOC has been resolute in its post, though it has a window for several months to decide.
Kazuhiro Tateda, who is an infectious disease specialist and a member of a Japanese government panel, stated in one of his statements that the virus may not die out quickly. In addition to this, he also claimed that the new coronavirus would take at least half a year or a year to go, Unlike flu, which disappears at warmer weather.

According to a report, the IOC has many financial protections against cancellation, which only happened in wartime since the beginning of the modern Olympics in 1896. Our news sources have confirmed that it has almost $2 billion in reserve, which could cover running costs before Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics.

At present we have limited information regarding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but we will update the article soon when we will get similar information. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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