Saints’ Sean Payton also tested positive of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus pandemic has taken 8000 lives globally and led to worldwide lockdowns. Amidst this, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton also revealed that he was tested positive of this toxic virus.

As per reports, Payton is the first person in the NFL world to be tested positive with COVID-19.

Sean Payton told that on 16th March he was not feeling well and thought of getting himself checked for the virus. He then went ahead and took the test and the unfortunate report with Corona to be positive was given to him on Thursday. Payton is taking rest at home and is fatigued. Yet, he shared the experience of this infectious disease and said that he is the part of those 20 percent cases who do not have fever and cough. But, he would choose to self-quarantine at home through the weekend, and he further added that he is hopeful and positive about a complete recovery.

In addition to this, Sean Payton also added that though he has been diagnosed with it he wants all the residents to pay heed to the government alerts which is to remain indoors and act responsibly. Payton also stated that “It is not just about distancing from the society..”. He said that for one to two weeks everything will be shutting down here for the betterment of the society to be safe from this Virus. When people understand the slope and understand the hump, all will work as an intelligent country and comfortably. We should take a minute to learn what those experts mean; as doing what they are asking of us isn’t hard. Just a small investment is going to have a drastic effect on every one of us.

As per the reports, The Saints’ staff has not met since the beginning of last week and most of them began working from home last Thursday and Friday. This was a very intelligent step taken by them.

One of our sources reported that Payton traveled for races on Saturday to the Oaklawn Race track in Arkansas. Tom Amoss, a thoroughbred trainer based in New Orleans, said he had spent time there with Payton, and he would go for self-quarantine and get himself checked as soon as possible.

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