Football return to under closed doors

Football return to under closed doors

The organization, which represents Europe’s top leagues, has stated that football will undoubtedly return under closed doors. However, it is still impossible to know when this will happen because the coronavirus continues to shake the world.

Deputy Secretary-General of the European Leagues, Alberto Colombo, said the season break was due to the very large coronavirus pandemic.

He said the vast majority of the association’s members, which include the Premier League and the English Football League, prioritize a return to action. He added that some countries like Belgium are already moving in the step to  cancel the league.

In the midst of this coronavirus, football has been affected across Europe, except in a few countries such as Belarus.
But there was some hope that different leagues would return soon. In England, the Premier League teams meet on Friday to discuss the situation. However, there is little hope that the top league will resume soon with 9 rounds of fixtures.

There was some hope last week when German clubs were the first in Europe to start training, although precautions were taken. Things are expected to resume before May.

However, Colombo has pushed for precautionary measures, declaring that conditions have been created to resume competition in the summer.

The teams must resume training and develop their minutes. There is no doubt that football will return behind closed doors. Therefore, the organizers of the competition must develop training protocols,  and game operations protocols.
He also made it clear that it is difficult to answer the question of when this will be. He added that the government of different countries has the power to lift various restrictions that has halted the field of sport.

The German country has carried out more diagnostic swab tests to determine whether a person is infected with coronavirus than any other European country.

The Italian football association hopes to test players for viruses from May in order to prepare for the resumption of the season.

Mr. Colombo also made it clear that the health of the players and those involved in the games is more important and that all employees, the media and everyone must be safe. He insisted that testing is one of the key areas of these health measures. However, there is currently not a common position in every country concerned.

The European Football Association has been annoyed that the Belgian Pro League has canceled the season. However, they did so for health and financial reasons. Colombo said many other leagues were affected, but few of them have these problems. Many of them focus on resuming the season.

Colombo believes that maintaining hopes of a resumption of the season is one of the ways to maintain the integrity of these competitions.

He added that the excellent work and collaboration that has developed with UEAFA over the past few weeks should not be jeopardized. He also believes that resuming the season will be a respect for the leagues.

UEFA will hold a video conference next week to decide on the next phase in dealing with the crisis.

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