Cleveland Browns Reveals Their New Uniform Look

Cleveland Browns New Uniform

Cleveland happens to be the latest team to change their uniform. The Browns are not the first team to change their uniform, but other teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons revealed new looks last week. We are expecting more teams to change in the coming weeks since a change is as good as a rest.

Though the change is not that much from their previous uniforms, the design is more traditional. Furthermore, the uniform combinations will have white or brown pants coupled with a white jersey and two brown versions, one very much resembling the new Color Rush combination but devoid of stripes. The powerful combos will be white jerseys with brown pants or a brown jersey with white pants.

The teams executive vice president, JW Johnson, said that they needed to get back to the roots of who the browns are, due to demand from their fans and players. From a press released earlier, the Browns pledged to donate 100 percent of the jersey sales to aid in the health care sector in the face of the COVID-19. The fund will help healthcare professionals, first responders, education professionals, and the community to further support of heroes battling COVID-19 through the “Hats Off to Our Heroes “fund.

The new uniform is more like the traditional Browns uniform, but the changes were not that big. The club’s iconic orange helmet was not changed, but for the pants and jerseys, they are less worded and have a conservative stripe on the shoulders and legs. The numbers are substantial—no outline, no drop shadow. The stripes on the socks and jersey sleeves have returned to a similar striping style before 2015 changes.

Another change includes the stitching inside the collar, which will show 1946, that is the year Cleveland Browns got founded in the All-America Football Conference instead of the previous stitch that was written  DAWG POUND since the year 2015. Even though the uniform is back to the traditional design, it’s given a touch of modern technology of the Nike vapor that offers a wear-ability and comfort to players.

Now, the “CLEVELAND” that was prominent above the numbers on the brown, white, and orange jerseys and the “BROWNS” found above the numbers on the Color Rush jerseys is changed. The pants no longer read “BROWNS” down the leg and instead have just a simple striping pattern.

The team has not been performing well, and last year they created a big disappointment to its fans when they had the worst playoff drought. The Cleveland’s have not reached the playoff since 2002, and now they hope with their change in their uniform, they can improve in the planned NFL Championship. At a glance, this means that the Browns are bringing back what they were wearing before the massive changes that they made for the 2015 season.

The new look is simple, traditional, and comfortable, making the Cleveland Browns look like themselves. We are looking forward to the end of coronavirus pandemic so that we can have a glance of Cleveland Browns in their new look to see whether they will be lucky in the coming season.

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