Linebacker Von Miller for Denver Broncos has tested positive for COVID-19

Von Miller tested positive for COVID-19

Linebacker Von Miller is the second active NFL Player to reveal he has tested positive to COVID-19 through his agent, a day after Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen also tested positive for the COVID-19.

Von Miller willingly shared his diagnosis publicly to emphasize that anyone can contract coronavirus, and this is after he experienced flu-like symptoms. At the moment, he is in self-isolation at his home under the care of team doctors who said that Von is doing well and recovering while following all Coronavirus treatment procedures.

Optimism is at large after New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was cleared from the coronavirus after contracting and testing positive from the virus last month and publicly acknowledging a positive test.

The Rams released a statement that their center Brian Allen 24 years old that he was in good health and feeling better on his road to recovery. Making him the first known active NFL player to test positive for the coronavirus.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was selected to the Pro Bowl seven times and the MVP of Super Bowl 50 and a unanimous pick for the NFL’s all-decade team for the 2010s. Also, in February in Super Bowl 50, 2016, Von had two strip-sack fumbles of panther’s quarterback Cam Newton in the Broncos’ 24-10 win against Carolina. Miller became the 10th defensive player in history to win the Super Bowl MVP honors.

Von Miller has played all his 9th NFL season with Denver, and he is set to enter his 10th NFL season with Denver Broncos. The Broncho’s perennial Pro Bowl pass rusher who has asthma said his girlfriend was the first to catch the symptoms.

The 31-year-old Von Miller is an eight-time Pro Bowler, and three-time All-pro reveled his coughing didn’t sound healthy but sounded full of life assuring his fans that he still Von and insisting he wasn’t in pain or feeling sick.

The NFL all in-person offseason workouts were canceled following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. The NFL’s draft, which is expected to take place on April 23, next Thursday night, won’t be held in Las Vegas as previously scheduled but will be conducted virtually.

Although the COVID-19 crisis continues to shake all the nations around the world, causing a lot of sports calendar to be canceled or having delayed. But for the NFL as far as the 2020 season is concerned, there are no current plans to delay the start of the regular season.

If the coronavirus pandemic persists then, there will be plans to delay or postpone the season to a later date, but we will have to wait and see depending on the following weeks and months to come.

Regarding that, it took Allen, about three weeks to contract the virus, and he had to deal with periodic sore throats, fatigue, headaches, and stiffness. It is evident COVID-19 can infect anyone no matter the color, ethnicity, or race.

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