MLB Stars Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw speaks out about playing season under quarantine

MLB Stars Mike Trout under quarantine

There are high chances that could see MLB playing its entire season without fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as MLB lay out contingency plans, not to postpone its season.

Arizona plan is one of the most popular ideas which would entail for the MLB entire season to be played in the Grand Canyon State and utilizing Chase Field, the array of Spring Training and college venues in the area.  Self-isolation in hotels the entire season with restrictions of traveling elsewhere apart from going to the stadium and back to the hotel.

Most of MLB stars are not onboard with the idea of being far from their families and kept away from them for months at the same time feeling the pinch of salaries cut. It would require a lot of sacrifices from both sides, especially from their families, in allowing them to isolate themselves for 14 days after coming back from the games.

But some of MLB stars including the eight-time all-star, three-time American League MVP and winning the award in 2014, 2016, and 2019, while coming second in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2018 votes, and the seven-time winner of the Silver Slugger Award. Mike Trout nicknamed “the Millville Meteor”.

Mike Trout, insisted that MLB potential Arizona plans should be realistic for it would be difficult for some guys especially himself with his wife being pregnant and she could go into labor while he’s under league-mandated quarantine. And went further to discuss giving scenarios like if he came back home, would he be required to quarantine for two weeks and insisting that he can’t miss the birth of his first child.

Another MLB player to rise his concern is Clayton Kershaw, who congratulated the MLB efforts to plot out contingency plans. Still, he was quick to speak his mind out, disengaging himself from being part of the players to go to league-mandated quarantine. Explaining his reasons that having a young child whom he wants to be in his life and how he changes over a week, and to think of missing out on the experience for four months of his son’s life that would be impossible.

Although both Mike and Kershaw are in a privileged class of baseball players who won’t mind going for an entire season without pay because they can afford, that isn’t the case for all members of their players’ union.

In coming weeks, we will have to watch and see how it plays out through this period of COVID-19 pandemic and if players would agree to stay in hotels for four months as they play in stadiums without fans to collect paychecks, or they will boycott the MLB plans to stay home with their families.

It’s evident MLB would prefer to play the entire season under quarantine at least to salvage some TV revenues, and the players would receive prorated salaries for the 2020 campaign. But we hope that all will go well as we try to tackle this pandemic not forgetting to stay safe and take care of ourselves.

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