Italian Soccer Federation layout a contingency plan to resume Serie A matches in June

Italian Soccer Federation layout a contingency plan to resume Serie A matches in June

Six weeks ago, the league was suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak which led to the nationwide lockdown. And in this period, there weren’t signs of concrete measures to resume Serie A matches, with soccer institutions and clubs disagreeing on an available date to kick off again.

For the Serie, A football fanatics last enjoyed Italy’s top-flight soccer league match between Sassuolo vs Brescia on March 9 where Sassuolo gave Brescia a whopping 3-0. But this seems to change with the Italian Soccer Federation insisting that the season will resume in June, stating that there is protocol in place inspired by the principles of simplicity, feasibility and reliability.

The plan is to make sure there is transparency by foreseeing a series of rules and recommendations. In identifying and safeguarding all the entire teams, including the players, coaching staff, doctors, physiotherapists and anyone in close contact with the players to ensure they are all confirmed as negative for the Coronavirus.

The players will have to follow the protocol of getting tested regularly with swabs and blood tests to make sure they are not positive of Coronavirus, as the training resumes behind closed doors come June.

The teams will be under mandate quarantine in training retreats for the remainder of the season, with measures in place to train in smaller groups, showering in separately while observing social distancing during meetings, gym sessions and meal time. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 among themselves ensuring the safety of the entire Serie A teams.

Many critics are proposing that the league should be canceled. Still, President Gravina condemned their outrageous criticisms insinuating that were not soccer fans nor had the Italian spirit and what they are after is to take away the hope of the future. He also concluded saying that the season had to restart and complete for the benefit of the entire system.

We are in desperate times, and it calls for drastic measures not forgetting what is ahead of us, COVID-19 has proven to be an epidemic which has kept top scientists in laboratories searching for a cure.

We are struggling given the circumstances that have been set by the governments from all around the world, some introducing lockdowns, restrictions, and sorts of many ways to keep their citizens safe.

The stay home initiative has proven to be valid with social distancing in reducing the rate of Coronavirus cases which is a relief. Still, the worries of resuming the season have arisen among everyone with the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Serie A fans from Italy and all over the world will be in triggered to see the season resume even though behind closed stadiums but will have the privilege to stream live all the matches whenever they play. It is going to be the first in the history of Italian football for a season to resume and play behind closed stadiums especially during a pandemic.

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