Premier League clubs coming together to amend season ticket plans

Premier League clubs coming together to amend season ticket plans

Coronavirus pandemic has made every gathering be it a formal occasion, wedding, or even our favorite soccer games on the weekend to stop indefinitely. 

Therefore, Premier League, 2019-20 season is nearing the end, and now fans will need to dig deep into their pockets once more to fund next year’s season ticket. 

It was an epic season that saw the mighty Liverpool almost go unbeaten and had only suffered a draw between Manchester United. That run ended when they were thrashed 3-0 by Watford, which was at that time in the relegation zone.

Fans all over the globe expected Liverpool to take the title within the next few games as they had a 25 points margin to the second team- Manchester City.

With that recap, Premier League ticket holders will have to wait a little bit longer as clubs come together to amend payment deadlines as well as renewal windows for 2020-21 season tickets. 

Everyone who loves the English top league will be dying to watch their favorite matches and players and get to enjoy free-flowing football that was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are yet to know when this season will resume, or maybe we should be waiting to start the next season fresh again. 

All that depends on how the world and our medical researchers are handling the outbreak of this pandemic. It has now affected over 2 million people with a death toll of over 150,000 people.

Meanwhile, English Premier Clubs have taken a measure on how they are going to handle next season tickets even though the campaign’s date is unclear.

Here is the latest on how some clubs are amending their tickets for next season.

Liverpool is 25 points clear at the top of the table has released a statement of suspending the renewal process for season tickets for next season until further notice when there is clarity of the next fixture schedule.

Manchester United had set 1 May as the deadline for the renewal of tickets. However, they have now suspended, and they will be reviewing a new deadline once they know the exact date of the 2020-21 season.

Tottenham Hotspur was the first team to suspend their ticket renewal window in March and have said that once they have clarity, they will communicate about when fans can renew their tickets for next season.

Bournemouth gave out a payment holiday for fans who had paid their 2019-20 season through V12 Finance. They have said that all tickets are on hold for 2020-21, and they will consider a refund if need be.

Newcastle United was recently criticized for charging their fans about £620 for 2020-21 when there is no valid start date. The club is yet to comment on this matter.

Southampton are waiting for confirmation from their board on how the remainder of 2019-21 will unfold and whether they will need to initiate refunds

It’s just about the time when each team from the English Premier League will need to address the matter of possible refunds for 2019-20, and the renewal of tickets for next season, 2020-21.

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