The key storylines after 40 days without sports during the NFL draft week

NFL draft week due to coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t look like its slowing down or coming to an end very soon. At the moment, this deadly virus has affected more the 2 million people globally with a death toll of over 160,000.

That’s why most of the sporting activities, such as soccer, rugby, MLB, NFL, NHL, have been postponed until further notice, and others have been scrapped off to start again next season. 

Weekends have not been the same where we could stay glued on TV for hours while watching our favorite sports and players. Even most of us are no longer going to work, and times are hard, like never before. Hopeful, we are very eager to see sporting activities resume after the world beats the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, it’s approximately 40 days without March Madness, spring football practices, Major League Baseball, NBA and NHL playoff games. However, this week we have some events to look forward to.

Stadiums may remain empty, but we are expecting the NFL draft to go as planned on Thursday, April 23, 2020, and a bit of action on Friday and Saturday. This comes after a week when the WNBA televised its own draft.

As you wait for the NFL draft proceeding, here are some key stories to check out to kill the boredom in your home.

Tua Tagovailoa is an American quarterback who is likely No.1 pick for most teams as they will try to nab him before the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers can get to him. He has an injury history that is yet to be forgotten and will have to be included in the trade-up equation. The mock draft saw Tua going fifth for the Dolphins, but we need to wait for the draft night to see where he stands last.

New England Patriots will have three picks to fill Nos 87, 90, and 100 overalls. This comes after Tom Brady left for Tampa Bay Buccaneers after being with them for close to 19 years (2000-2019). The Patriots will need to acquire some sort of offensive help, and they will also need another quarterback to compete with Brian Hoyer and Jarret Stidham.

Last year, we saw 38 deals being struck in three days, and it was a trade bonanza like no other. We are yet to see what 2020 NFL draft will bring out this time. It will be crucial to ascertain whether the pre-draft process plays any role in the final draft. What will happen considering there have been no private workouts and the absence of pro days. All this will be known by Thursday, April 23, 2020, with the first of the seven rounds.

The worst part as we wait for the NFL draft is that they will be no boos from fans. The event that will be commissioned by Roger Goodell will be one to remember. The draft will see general managers, coaches, and all draftees being interviewed remotely. That’s how bad the social distancing is being implemented for everyone around the world as the best means of fighting COVID-19.

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