Rob Gronkowski Would Be Welcomed Back by NFL On FOX Whenever He’s Ready

Rob Gronkowski Would Be Welcomed Back by NFL

Rob Gronkowski made an incredible impact through the NFL and sports landscape Tuesday afternoon as he came out of retirement in a trade from New England to Tampa Bay to join Tom Brady with the Buccaneers.

He retired after the 2018 Championship run due to the wear and the tear that ravaged his body over nine seasons. The 30-year-old tight end won three Super Bowls with the Patriots as Brady’s primary receiving target. Rob agreed to do some broadcast work as a special guest on Week 7’s Fox NFL Kickoff on October 20 of last season, exactly six months ago, and he was terrific at it.

Rob Gronkowski was the attraction in Miami for Super Bowl 54 due to his hard-partying off the field, and this made him be what every network covets: The name recognition from every football fan in America and the respect from current players who either grew up watching him or played against him.

Fox Network is the best NFL pregame show year in and year out due to its ability to find and develop talents who strike that right balance between X’s and O’s analysis, though not too much, and a warm nature that keeps fans entertained while engaging with the sport.

Rob is expected back to the trenches, dealt by New England along with a 7th round pick to Tampa Bay for a 4th round selection. He’ll honor the One year and $10 million remaining on his contract.

And a lot of people were quick to congratulate him, especially Fox Sports who wished Rob the very best as he returns to play in the NFL. Also, they insisted that he is going to be missed though they can’t wait to see him in the field as he does what he does the best alongside Tom and the rest of the Buccaneers this season.

Fox on NFL was quick to address that Rob will always have a place in their team, especially being in the enviable position of having the rest of his adult life set up for him if he wants it. And they would be honored to have him back and possibly have him as a fixture on its NFL programming for decades.

A couple of weeks ago, Rob Gronkowski host WrestleMania for WWE, and he could have a long successful career as a wrestling host, personality, or actual superstar. Better yet, even Fox can use him for both WWE and NFL.

Rob Gronkowski’s future is seemingly secure, and giving football one last go makes some sense especially giving it one run with Brady, away from Bill Belichick’s Uber-structured environment and in his destined natural habitat of Florida.

Everything looks bright for him with his whole future planned out ahead, and if he settles for becoming as an NFL analyst, it will be awesome, especially after few months in that role was nearly as impressive as his Hall of Fame exploits on the field.

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