Paulo Dybala Tests Positive for COVID-19 the Fourth Time in Six Weeks

Paulo Dybala Tests Positive for COVID-19

According to a source close to the Juventus striker, Dybala has tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s the fourth time since he contracted the virus. That’s about six weeks ago.

Dybala was one of the first Juventus players to have contracted COVID-19. The other players were Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi, and both of them have recorded a full recovery.

The source went on to add that Dybala and his girlfriend tested positive last month. The Argentine striker is doing well and has no symptoms at all. He had even started training, and now he is waiting for the results of the latest two swabs.

The tests already carried out had no precise dates when they were taken, and Dybala has respected all the healthcare system and the advice given. So, it’s just a matter of time to see how his tests will be, and even though he is famous and he hasn’t been receiving any preferential treatment.

Most of Dybala’s fans expected the player to have already recovered from this deadly virus since footballers are the most active people in the world who are subjected to full body checkups once in a while. Therefore, their immunity could be high because of sticking to proper diets and engaging in tough exercises and training every week.

When Juventus was asked about Dybala, a spokesman said he was still positive, and they are waiting for his last results for COVID-19. Once they get his negative results, then they will publicly communicate it.

Dybala confirmed on March 21 through Instagram that he and his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, had contracted coronavirus after their first test came positive.  

Almost a week later, on March 27, the Juventus Striker talked about his experience of contracting the disease. He stated that he had developed intense symptoms, but he was now feeling much better. He expressed how he found breathing hard and couldn’t even do a simple exercise for more than five minutes without muscle aches.

Dybala and his girlfriend Orlana are now doing great and waiting for results to ascertain whether they are free from the deadly virus.

COVID-19 has posed threats to the entire world following an alarming rise in numbers with more than 3 million cases and over 200,000 deaths. The worst affected country is the USA, with over 1 million confirmed cases and over 60,000 deaths. Italy has more than 200,000 cases and over 27,000 deaths.

Italy’s Serie A league, where the Juventus striker plays, was postponed following the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte announced that in the coming weeks, lockdown restrictions across the country would be lifted.

The new measures are set to come into effect on May 4, and they include the relaxing of travel restrictions. By May 18, we will see footballers allowed to train in their respective stadiums as the Prime Minister has said that sports restrictions will be lifted by then, and we can’t wait to see Paulo Dybala back on the field training.

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