Bill Beaumont Beats Agustin Pichot and Re-Elected World Rugby Chairman

Bill Beaumont Re-Elected World Rugby Chairman

On Saturday, Bill Beaumont regained his seat of World Rugby chairman through re-election that saw him beat Agustin Pichot, who is a former playing captain, and he served under him in the boardroom.

Beaumont, who is 68 years old, won through majority by attaining 28 votes while his lone challenger Pichot got 23 votes. Pichot lost his vice-chairman position after he vacated the seat to vie for the chairmanship. Bernard Laporte, French Rugby president, took over the vice-chairman position since he was running unopposed.

The newly re-elected chairman couldn’t hold his happiness from the victory, and he released a statement through the official World Rugby’s site.

Beaumont stated that he was honored to accept the mandate of the World Rugby Council to continue serving as the international federation’s chairman once again. Also, he didn’t forget to thank his union and region colleagues, all global rugby family, and even his family for standing by him and offering full support.

It’s was evident that Beaumont has leadership skills since he also went on to praise his immediate challenger Pichot by saying he would like to thank him for his support and friendship over the last four years as his vice-chairman. They both worked together for four years, and that explains such kind remarks.

Beaumont was very clear in saying that despite being competitors for chairman position, he will continue respecting Pichot. He added that Pichot is very passionate about the sport, and his contribution as a vice-chairman has been significant.

On the other hand, Pichot, who is 45 years old, had his say from this defeat. He had earlier suggested that the international rugby federation needed a different mindset that he could bring forth.

Pichot claimed he was tired from flying in first class and sitting down for four years without having to set new ideas. One of the ideas he wanted to push was to help emerging nations, and he became more frustrated when the Nation’s Championship ended the use of football style promotion and relegation.

This is what pushed Pichot to vacate his vice-chairman position and now fight for the chairman position where he could have the final say on most ideas he comes with or those brought to him.

Beaumont’s motive was through focusing on rugby’s governance, global season reforms, player welfare, the women’s game, and also taking into consideration the World Rugby’s financial policy. Such points moved the voting panel, and he got five more votes than his challenger.

Beaumont re-election wins come at a time when the world is still fighting the COVID-19 that is affecting the world as a whole. This deadly virus has shut down most of the sports world and business, and now people are urged to stay at home and maintain social distancing.

The new World Rugby’s chairman will be serving his second stint for another four years, and Pichot can still vie for the seat when his term runs out. We can’t wait for the Rugby Sports world to resume and see what decisions Bill Beaumont will be implementing this time.

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