Joe Biden Has Urged USWNT to Keep Pressuring US Soccer for Equal Pay

Joe Biden Has Urged USWNT to Keep Pressuring US Soccer

Joe Biden, who is an American politician and a former vice president from 2009 to 2017, has supported USWNT to continue fighting for equal pay despite the ruling on Friday from a California judge who threw out their claim.

USWNT was claiming to get the same equal pay as the men’s team. The women’s team has a considerable amount of achievements, especially after winning the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France.

The team now has four World Cup titles, and the other teams are Germany with two and Norway and Japan with one title each.

2019 was a good year for the USWNT after they beat Netherlands 2-0 to win back-to-back world cup titles. That’s because they won the 2015 tournament after thrashing Japan 5-2. Also, women’s Ballon d’Or winner was Megan Rapinoe, who plays as a winger for the USA women’s team.

It’s such milestones from the USWNT that pushed them to demand equal pay to the men’s team, considering that they have brought silverware and football awareness in the country.

On the other hand, the U.S. men’s soccer team is yet to lift even a single World Cup title.

That’s why when the judge threw out their claim of unequal pay compared to the men’s team; Biden tweeted his support of the women.

He tweeted, don’t give up on this fight, and it’s not over yet. This is significant support of the women considering it’s coming from a man who could have become the president back in 2016.

However, the Democratic presidential candidate announced that he wouldn’t seek the nominations in 2016 after the death of his son Beau.

Biden didn’t stop at that because he called out the U.S. Soccer, telling them that there are consequences to expect if the organization doesn’t consider the equal pay claim from USWNT.

He tweeted, equal pay now, or when he becomes the president, they can look for other means for World Cup funding.

Judge R. Gary Klausner of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled that the discrimination claim related to unequal pay may proceed to trial.

The ruling comes at a time when the USA has been hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic that globally has over 3.5 million cases and a death toll of more than 247k deaths. The USA alone has over 1.1 million cases and more than 68k deaths. The other countries that are near U.S. coronavirus numbers are Spain with over 247k cases and more than 25k deaths and Italy with over 210k cases and more than 28k deaths.

After the ruling, USWNT spokeswoman Molly Levinson stated that they are confident in the case, and they willing to keep pushing to ensure that girls and women who play soccer won’t feel valued as lesser because of their gender.

The USWNT is not in good terms with President Trump after that tweet feud during last summer’s World Cup in France. But the team is being backed by his opponent, Joe Biden, who is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats.

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