NBA May 8 Reopening of Practice Facilities in States with Eased Stay-At-Home Plans

NBA May 8 Reopening of Practice Facilities

It has been almost two months since we saw real actions from our favorite sports, be it football, basketball, rugby, etc.

All this came to a shut down after the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc in the world. A deadly virus that originated in Wuhan, China during December 2019. Currently, coronavirus has affected about 212 countries with 3.7 million confirmed cases and over 261k global deaths.

The most affected country is the USA, with 1.2 million confirmed cases and over 73k deaths.

However, the NBA has released a statement confirming that they are now ready to reopen its practice facilities in those states that are following stay-at-home plans by Friday, May 8, 2020.

May 8 is now pending, and we will, for sure, know if all developments will go on as planned in the coming two days. On Wednesday, the NBA league has said it also plans to issue guidelines on the specifics of what will be allowed or prohibited.

Reports suggest that lifting weights with a spotter if it forces the player to be about 12ft of a staffer will now be prohibited.

Some of the guidelines for workouts as per the league at its facilities are that no head or assistant coaches will participate, no group activities such as practices or scrimmages, and no more than four players will be permitted at a facility at any one time. Further, players must remain prohibited from using non-team facilities such as gyms and public health clubs.

The NBA has urged teams and players to wear facemasks at all times except during physical activity, and still, staffers need to stay at least 12 ft away from them.

This move ensures that all NBA personnel and players continue practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It’s a measure that applies to not only the sporting world but also the general public as a means of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that May 8 only applies to states with relaxed stay-at-home guidelines, and that means there some NBA teams we won’t be seeing in practice facilities.

There was an original May 1 plan where the NBA sought to look for safe facilities in areas with no relaxed stay-at-home guidelines to maintain competitive balance for all teams. But that plan is yet to be communicated or finalized.

That is because some high=level players still lack proper equipment for training and shooting practices. NBA has added that if basketball was ever going to resume, then it’s critical to have all players allowed to work out properly.

The league has also said players will only be allowed to train in facilities of their NBA team only, and each side must name a Facility Hygiene Officer from the current staff.

To avoid the spread of the COVID-19, the NBA has urged all teams to test all players and staff regularly. Only those who are negative will access the practice facilities as we wait for the end of coronavirus for a complete basketball resume.

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