Sumo Wrestler Shobushi Becomes the First Sports COVID-19 Death

Sumo Wrestler Shobushi died of COVID-19

Early this year in March, the world of sports was shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has and still wreaks havoc to the world.

Now, a sportsman by the name of Kiyotaka Suetake, aka Shobushi, 28-year-old Japanese, has passed on after suffering health complications after contracting COVID-19. He is the first person in the sports world to fall victim to this deadly virus,

So far, coronavirus cases are at over 4.4 million, with deaths over 300k. This deadly virus has affected more European countries than in African countries. That’s why we have the USA is the worst-hit country with over 1.4 million cases and more than 85k deaths. Other countries severely affected by coronavirus include Spain, Russia, UK, Italy, and France.

According to JSA (Japan’s Sumo Association), Shobushi, a sumo wrestler, died from multiple organ failure after a bout of severe pneumonia.

On April 4, the sumo wrestler developed a fever, but on visiting the hospital, he was not given immediate attention. This was because many other people were complaining of the same symptoms. Shobushi continued to struggle with the fever and was turned away from a few hospitals.

It’s a scenario that has been happening in many countries. This is because of the influx of patients in hospitals, even those with just a cold or flu. The healthcare workers are said only to admit patients who they believe are showing almost all symptoms of the COVID-19.

On April 8, he was admitted to the hospital, and several days later, he was placed in intensive care on April 19. But his condition deteriorated, and he was pronounced dead on Wednesday. 

The sports world has seen many players, especially footballers contracting coronavirus, and have recorded full recovery. We saw the first case with Daniele Rugani of Juventus, who has now fully recovered.

Late Wednesday, JSA released a statement that read of how Shobushi fought against the disease, and he has been enduring pain and suffering from the symptoms for more than a month now like a sumo wrestler. They also thanked all the medical care workers who treated him with the utmost care before his final days. 

Shobushi started his sumo wrestling debut in 2007, and he went on to be ranked No.11 in the Sandanme Division. He went to compete in the sumo’s seventh division and belonged to the Takadagawa stable.

We hope we won’t be seeing any deaths in the sport’s world, but coronavirus pandemic doesn’t seem to end very soon. The only thing we can hope is that our medical scientists and researchers can come up with a vaccine at any time.

According to JSA, six other people have contracted COVID-19, including a sumo wrestlers trainer, who also belongs to the Takadagawa stable.

JSA has taken precautions to fight this deadly virus by canceling the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, and it has now been pushed to July 2020. The tournament will now take place at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan with no spectators.

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